ESGs & Climate Consulting partners with The Saigon Times to deliver first-ever Towards Net-Zero ESG Forum in Vietnam

ESGs & Climate Consulting, a leading force in green transition solutions, announced its instrumental role in guiding The Saigon Times towards achieving a historic milestone: the first-ever Towards net-zero carbon ESG Forum in Vietnam. 

The event gathered experts and leaders from the public sector to private sector

Held on June 13th, 2024, at the Rex Hotel in HCMC, the forum served as a catalyst for igniting vital conversations and solidifying Vietnam’s commitment to a sustainable future.

Sustainability has become a well-known concept among businesses now. With the government’s commitment to achieve Net-zero goal in 2050, the pressure puts significantly on business leaders and policy-makers.

In recent years, initiatives to educate, inspire, and promote the green transition increasingly appear. A major question remains: “Do these events also contribute to carbon emission and slow down the progress?”

ESGs & Climate Consulting a company with 14 years experience in helping more than 200 organizations all-over-the-world to assess their carbon footprint always wants to enforce the motto: Every sustainability movement should be sustainable themselves, first.

EuroCham Vietnam Green Growth Sector Committee 10th year anniversary celebration – The first Net-zero event in Vietnam, supported by ESGs & Climate Consulting

With a sequential approach, decarbonization is simple and effective

Combining cutting-edge technology, well-built tools, and expertise from top-notch expert subject matters, ESGs & Climate Consulting is on their way to prove that it’s not that hard for us to take immediate action instead of just talking.

ESG Forum 2024: From ideas to action

From the start of 2024, they have successfully helped over five Toward Net-zero and Net-zero events. Continuing this roadmap, ESGs & Climate Consulting partners with The Saigon Times, EuroCham Green Growth Sector Committee, and ESG Transition Alliance to organize a first large-scale Toward Net-zero event The ESG Forum 2024, themed “From ideas to action”.

Championing sustainability through Innovation

ESGs & Climate Consulting’s expertise played a pivotal role in designing the forum’s net-zero status.

Waste from the event is sorted, and there is on-site treatment for organic waste

ESGs & Climate Consulting advised The Saigon Times on implementing the most effective eco-friendly practices throughout the event lifecycle.

Mobility survey as part of Scope 3 carbon assessment

Their comprehensive analysis, encompassing even Scope 3 Mobility emissions, ensured an accurate calculation of the necessary carbon offsets, paving the way for a truly net-zero event.

Mr. Markus Klemmer (on the right), CEO of – a strategic partner of ESGs & Climate Consulting that join forces to make Net-zero more approachable

Recognizing the power of collaboration, ESGs & Climate Consulting connected The Saigon Times with leading sustainability organizations like ECO Solutions (organic waste treatment) and (carbon offset projects). This synergy enabled the forum to minimize its environmental footprint even further.

Representatives from ESGs & Climate Consulting, Mr. Nguyen Cong Minh Bao, and, Mr. Markus Klemmer, awarded the certification of Net-zero commitment to the organizers and Net-zero partners.

Beyond the Forum: A Beacon for Change

Themed “From Ideas to Action,” the forum transcended a one-day event. It served as a springboard for addressing critical questions surrounding ESG implementation, empowering businesses and organizations to translate environmental, social, and governance principles into action.

The panel discussion as part of the Green Morning Vietnam! Workshop

In Green Morning Vietnam! Workshop, the Co-founder & COO of ESGs & Climate Consulting, Mr. Bao Nguyen shared insights about how to simplify decarbonization through small actions and how to fuel the sustainable transition while the Chairman & CVO of Linkpower and Climate Finance expert, Ms. Betty Pallard shared about sustainable finance and how to measure the impacts of green financing.

Ms. Betty Pallard and Mr. Bao Nguyen (on the right)

As part of ESG Transition Alliance and CCIFV ESG Task Force, the company contributed also to the success of 3 Masterclasses: Green Construction, Finance Transition, and ESG Reporting.

Green Construction Masterclass
Finance Transition & ESG Disclosures Masterclass
ESG Reporting & Ranking Masterclass

With over 200 representatives from Vietnamese and FDI companies attending, the forum fostered a vibrant space for collaboration. Panelists and speakers from diverse sectors exchanged best practices and charted a course towards a more sustainable future for Vietnam.

A Shared Commitment to a Sustainable Future

The resounding success of the Saigon Times 2024 ESG Forum underscores the transformative power of collaboration. By joining forces, businesses, organizations, and sustainability leaders can significantly accelerate Vietnam’s transition to a thriving and sustainable future. ESGs & Climate Consulting stands as a dedicated partner in this journey, providing expert guidance and solutions to organizations seeking to navigate the complexities of ESG implementation.

ESGs & Climate Consulting team.
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